Monday, February 15, 2010

Okay-- so I am starting a Podcast.. :-D

So I have always dreamed of being famous (doesn't everyone at least once in their life!) and I might have found my.. somewhat.. path to being famous, in my own right.

Okay so it might not be FAMOUS but it's being known I guess. My friend and I are starting a podcast! :) Our Podcast is called "Why Disney." So this blog will soon become the place for our show-notes and other things :) After starting this blog and my horrible ability at keeping it up to date, I decided that since I like to talk more than I like to write, a podcast about Why someone should like Disney is much better! My friend Jess (who is also in her 20s), my friend Lauren, and I decided that a podcast would be a great place to tell people about not just Disney in the parks but also outside the parks. Some of my readers might know about Jess. She is a host on SorCom and also has her own blog which is pretty awesome. You should check it out ( It's a great blog! My friend Lauren is just a Disney Nut like me!

Okay so the purpose for the podcast!

We want to show the world that Disney isn't just the parks and princesses! We are going to introduce people to the world of movies, music, art, history, and community. We want to show that everybody can love Disney because in some way you already do! :) We want to show Disney at a whole from Touchstone Pictures to ABC to ESPN..

The research I've done so far for this.. I have learned.. A LOT! :) And I am liking it! :) I hope to learn more!

WE hope to get some pretty awesome guests on the podcast! I hope it all happens and I hope you all get to check it out! :)

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