Thursday, November 19, 2009

Taking a 20-something Newbie to Disney!

One question I constantly get when I tell others that I like Disney is "Why, you're 20-something years old?" It is usually because others do not understand that Disney magic. I always try to tell others that they have to just give Disney a CHANCE! It isn't the same as other amusement parks where it is all rides and you leave at the end of the day. When you are at Disney you are immersed in all things that involve Disney down to the hotel room and restaurant theming.

I personally have never taken a 20-something newbie to Disney... only a teenager. Some things might be different but I am going to approach this the way I approached taking my cousins!

1. Make sure they realize this is NOT an amusement park-- Disney isn't known as an amusement park it is a THEME park. Everything in Disney has a theme. They need to realize that theme and realize that everything that is placed in Disney is placed there for a certain reason. When you realize that everything is a theme it becomes easier to become immersed in the Disney magic.

2. This is a FAMILY park-- There isn't going to be TONS of Roller coasters the flip and twirl and have 10 loops in a row. If you want that.. go down the road ;) Disney World is known for some of the best "kids" rides ever. Peter Pan's Flight, It's a Small World, Haunted Mansion.. just to name a few. These rides are slow moving but are enjoyable to all ages. When 20-somethings realize that I think they enjoy the park more!

3. You are allowed to be a kid-- So many people want to put up the facade that they are grown up and an adult. Of course I want to be like that as well, but when I am in Disney all bets are off and I'm myself! :) I'm a kid at heart. I get excited to see my favorite Disney princess and I sing while watching a show! Relax and you'll have SO MUCH more fun.

More to come :) But these are just a few ideas of how to help a newbie!:) If you have any.. just let me know!!

Here's a little pic for all those Disney fans.. I think some people are taking Swine Flu to an extreme!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

You Know You're A Disney Fan When....

Sorry I have been MIA with the blogging in the last 2 months. I just recently started a long-term sub position at a local school teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th graders ESOL. It is quite a challenge and takes up a lot of my time!

So I have been thinking recently as I plan my trip to Disney in June; what makes a Disney fan? I decided to ask around on a few of my Disney forums/Twitter to see the responses of fellow Disney enthusiasts and I received a few very interesting answers! Here are some of the responses.
You know you're a Disney fan when:
  • You have turkey legs shipped from Magic Kingdom-- Now I don't know if this is something you can actually do or not, but if you could I'd be all over it! I love those Turkey Legs. If you could do anything to get those shipped to you and just have a tid-bit of Disney Magic for dinner I'd say you're a true Disney Fan.

  • Your iPod/mp3 player has only Disney podcasts/music/movies on it--I know that probably 40% of my iPod has Disney type things on it! I love being able to just wind down at the end of the day with some music from the movies! I haven't found CDs for the parks yet, but I am still looking!

  • You wear Disney Underoo's!!!--I think I laughed out loud on this one! I have yet to wear Disney undies (as an adult at least!) and I would have to say that if you wear Disney undies you are a TRUE fan! :)
  • Your pet's food bowls are in the shape of Classic Mickeys-- If your pets even love Disney I would have to say you have a quite an influence. I know that my dog has a Disney collar!

  • You can make a Disney reference out of ANYTHING--I know that this is true for me. You mention anything and I can relate it to something Disney. Either a movie, a song, or something in the parks I can relate a topic to Disney! Especially food (Lou Mongello anyone??) hehe ;)
  • You only own and wear Disney scrubs to work-- I am not a nurse but I know that when I have my own classroom it will certainly be decorated in tons of Disney paraphernalia. Bringing Disney to your workplace definitely shows a love for ALL things Disney and makes you are true Disney fan. Now if your work IS Disney all I have to say is that I'm jealous!
  • You sip your Disney-branded coffee from your Disney coffee mug while reading some Disney articles on a Disney site while waiting on hold to make your Disney vacation plans with your favorite Disney travel agent-- I'd have to say that is a TRUE disney fan :)
  • You go and plan a Disney trip you can't afford-- Planning a Disney vacation is one of my favorite things to do! I know that even when I don't have a Disney trip in the works I love going to and just seeing how much a trip would cost during certain times of the year!
  • Make it a daily routine to check Disney websites when you sit down at the computer- I'd have to say one of the first things I do after checking my email is check my Disney websites! I love finding the most up-to-date Disney information and also just hearing about other Disney fantatic's recent trips!

These are the responses I've gotten so far as to what makes a Disney fan! Being a Disney fan is a huge part of my life and living in an age of technology the internet/iPod has become a huge part of fueling my passion! Most 20-somethings use the internet to spur their interests and to make them become impassioned with something that they at first just liked. That's how I became such a huge Disney fan.

I am going to add a few of my favorite pics from my recent trip since I need something to get me through the next 6.5 months before my trip! :)