Monday, August 31, 2009

Magic--Not just in the parks

Since growing up in the age of technology and internet, Online communication has always been something I've depended on. About 2 years ago, I found Disney Magic outside of the parks in Florida. I found forums. Forums are a place where all Disney fanatics (like myself) can come together and share their love by giving tips, information, and their opinions on anything Disney. These forums have allowed me to create friendships I never thought I would make with some of the nicest people I know. These places really show how a major part of the Disney magic is the people not the place. Forums have become a major part of my life, and I love getting on every day checking in with all my friends, talking to them, and chatting about my next upcoming trip. If you want to join a forum, I suggest or These are the two I am a member of and they have some of the nicest people around.

Another place I can get that Disney magic is through the podcasts. Podcasts are internet radio broadcasts that can be downloaded and listened to through iTunes or your iPod. Podcasts are created by Disney fans for Disney fans. They give you the news, interviews with Disney employees, and give you tips for any trip. I love these podcasts. I have learned so much from them, and the people who create them are some of the nicest people I "know." I listen to them while in the car on my way to work. If you ever need just a small dose of Disney in your life, I suggest any of the following podcasts: WDW Radio by Lou Mongello, Inside the Magic by Ricky Brigante, All About the Mouse by Bryan Ripper and Jonathon Ditcher, and WDW Today by Matt H. (not going to even try to spell his last name), Mike Newell, Mike Scopa, and Len Testa. These are some of my favorites and I listen to them throughout the week.

Finally.. Meets. For those of you who have ever attended any type of fan gathering, you understand what it is like to have tons of people who are fans of the same thing. Well Disney meets are that times 10. I had my first experience with Meets this past August when I went to MagicMeets. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I was able to meet some of the people I've been chatting with online for the past 2 years and able to meet new people and create new friendships. Meets really show Disney magic because they show just the way people are caring for each other and can make something like sitting in a conference hall fun and entertaining. I loved it.

Well that's all I really have to say about disney magic outside the parks. These things reach out to me as a 20-something because I am able to connect with my love for the internet/communication and my love for Disney.

Inspired by WDW Radio podcast Show #133

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